Stipple Ceiling
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The feel of a home is determined by a number of different factors but one of the most important and most noticeable is your choice of house painting Service - Ottawa, ON

We Are Experts on Stipple or Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Inside and out, the appearance, style, and value of your home hinges upon the professional, top-quality painting service, and the experienced team of painters at Ottawa Painting Done Right.

Tired of Your Stipple Ceiling? Call Ottawa Painting Done Right for Stipple or Popcorn Ceiling Removal. Stipple ceilings were once a very popular style. Now, infamous “popcorn ceilings” are considered outdated and unsightly. If you’re sick of your home’s popcorn ceiling, call your local Ottawa Painting Done Right team for stipple ceiling removal!

Our Stipple / Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

When most people think of remodeling, they think of major projects that take weeks or months and force them out of their homes. Ottawa Painting Done Right can make your home look stunning with clean, sleek ceilings and a fresh coat of paint in no time at all.

Our approach to stipple or popcorn ceiling removal depends on when the ceiling was built, where the ceiling is located, and what the final ceiling treatment will be. Each stipple ceiling removal job begins with a free estimate.

Why Choose Ottawa painting Done Right for Stipple Ceiling Removal?

1. We do the job right and with professional accuracy.

2. We have the equipment needed to prevent damage.

3. We are fully insured and certified professionals.

4. We can repair patches, holes, or spots in no-time.


As soon as we start working on your painting project, until the time we leave, you will receive high quality, hassle-free painting services. We don’t consider a job complete until your expectations are met.

There is nothing more appealing than a refreshed new look and color of your house. By having a clean, fresh, and bright appearance, your property will have a higher value, and will have a positive effect on the residents, or your guests.